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ForeLight offers premium quality phycobiliprotein dyes for use in genetic engineering, systems biology, immunology, virology, medical diagnostics and other applications throughout the life and material sciences industries. Using our revolutionary photosynthetic bioreactor technology, ForeLight’s production process enables unparalleled control and flexibility over the growth of Algae, Cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic organisms.

Phycobiliprotein Dyes

ForeLight’s fluorescent dyes are high-quality products cultivated for high-quality results. Our phycobiliproteins are under lab-level control from the initial algal culture to packaging to ship, and are available in a range of purity levels to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. And unlike traditional suppliers, whose product availability is dependent upon the uncertainty and seasonal fluctuations of outdoor production, ForeLight’s phycobiliproteins are produced continuously, indoors, on a year-round basis. See why ForeLight’s fluorescent dyes are the solution you’ve been looking for.


ForeLight’s advanced photosynthetic production platform advances the artificial light bioreactor design by several generations, allowing for both rapid bio-manufacturing and efficient protein extraction in a controlled environment. Using a unique patent-pending lighting system that promotes accelerated photosynthetic growth, this modular, enclosed platform enables unprecedented flexibility and predictable scaling, as well as critical redundancies and quarantine capabilities for GMOs and other sensitive organisms. Let’s talk about what we can grow together.


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